Vote YES on November 6th

Berrien Springs Public Schools Bonding Proposal

WHAT are you voting for?

A New Performing Arts Center & Indoor Athletic Complex

  • Classroom & instructional space for the choir program, band program, drama/musical productions & possibly technology-related programming such as robotics, computer science,

  • Gym and practice space for up to three (3) indoor athletic teams at one time.

  • A new fitness and weight room.

  • A new space for Wrestling and Competitive Cheer practice.

  • Auditorium style seating, storage areas and performing areas for the school district’s Fine Arts Programs.

  • A facility that will accommodate more than 300 choir students and more than 250 band students.

WHY do we need these new facilities?

  • Band & Choir Performances are currently held in the high school gym and the Howard Performing Arts Center.   In which both locations are often standing room only during performances.

  • The high school gym cannot be used for gym class, athletic practices or games on the day before and after a band or choir performance.

  • Athletic teams currently practice as early as 6 am and as late as 9:30 pm.

  • Currently the school district facilities are aging.  The high school  gym was built in 1961.  It was designed to accommodate 10 athletic teams.  The district currently has 27 athletic teams.

  • Currently there is one choir and one band classroom shared between Middle School & High School for daily instruction.

WHEN are you voting?

Election Date:  Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

WHERE are you voting?

Vote where you are registered to vote for any local, state or national elections. The assigned voting locations for Berrien Springs Public Schools residents are:

  • Berrien County Fairgrounds
  • Berrien Springs Public Library
  • Berrien Township Hall
  • Oronoko Township Hall
  • Royalton Township Hall
BSPS Bonding PRoposal


  • What will this cost me?

    The proposed bond will represent an increase of $120.00 per $100,000 of taxable value in the first year of the levy.   The average annual increase for $100,000 of taxable value is estimated to be $80.

  • Why would I support building an auditorium when the district can use the Howard Performing Arts Center?

    The Howard Performing Arts Center has limited availability for middle and high school performances.   The Howard is in high demand and it is not always possible to schedule performances with them.    Daily instruction, rehearsals, and individual/group practices can not be conducted at the Howard.

  • How many students are currently enrolled in BSPS?

    Mars – 420, Sylvester – 421, Middle School – 438, High school – 532.

Would you like more information?  Visit BSPS.

  • Why can’t the district pay for the new facilities out of the general fund?

    The state law limits the amount of money that can be spent for new facility construction or improvements.   The estimated cost of the arts & athletic center exceeds the amount.  The district is paying for renovations to the Sylvester Field from the general operating fund.

  • How much has BSPS invested in facility improvements over the past 10 years?

    15.9 million from general operating funds for facility improvements.  This was possible due to innovative programming that has created financial flexibility for our district.  Most schools would not have been able to make improvements like the ones BSPS has done without asking for local taxpayers to pay additional taxes.   Some of the improvements included: air conditioning upgrades, roof replacements, new science labs, classroom renovations, construction of STEM central and the new tennis complex.

See the Master Plan Map.

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